Julia Child Gluten-free Chocolate Mousse Cake

Flourless chocolate cake, very light in texture. Quenelle of Olive oil semifreddo. Chocolate mousse piping, drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, and cocoa nibs. (gluten-free)

Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Olive oil semifreddo, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Cocoa Nibs

Julia Childs Flourless Chocolate Cake

*Preheat oven to 350°. 

*Grease a 9″ cake pan with butter, line bottom and sides of pan with buttered parchment paper, and set pan aside.

  1. Combine whole eggs, egg yolks, and sugar in a large heatproof bowl, set bowl over a pot of very gently simmering water, and stir until mixture is room temperature. 
  2. Remove bowl from heat and beat mixture with an electric mixer on medium speed until quadrupled in volume, 15-20 minutes. (While this is happening) Melt chocolate and coffee together in a medium heatproof bowl set over the pot of simmering water, stirring often.
  3. Remove bowl from heat. Whip cream in a medium bowl until soft peaks form.
  4. Fold one-quarter of the egg mixture into the melted chocolate, then fold chocolate mixture and whipped cream into remaining egg mixture. 
  5. Pour batter into prepared pan, grease parchment paper and set on top. Set pan in a roasting pan. Pour hot water into roasting pan to a depth of 1″ and transfer to oven. Bake cake until a toothpick inserted in center of cake comes out clean, 1 hour. 
  6. Turn off oven, leave oven door ajar, and let cake rest for 30 minutes. Remove cake from oven in its water bath and let rest for 30 minutes more. 
  7. Remove cake  invert on ½ sheet tray, and peel off parchment. 

 *portion into ten sections *parties portion into 12 sections

Chocolate Cake
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x6
Whole EggsEach5102030
Caribe ChocolateOz10204060
Heavy CreamCups3.256.534.5
Yield1 cake46
*Portion Weight 834

Chocolate Mousse

  • *bain marie – for chocolate melting
  1. Melt chocolate in bain marie
  2. While the chocolate melts, whip the cream and reserve in the refrigerator
  3. add butter to the chocolate small bits at a time to the chocolate,
  4. Stir in egg yolks one at a time to chocolate butter mix
  5. In the kitchen aid, whip egg whites to soft peaks, gradually adding sugar.
  6. Whisk one fourth of the eggs into the chocolate, then fold into remaining egg white mixture.
  7. Fold the egg chocolate mixture into the reserved whip cream
  8. Transfer into pastry bags. 
  9. Refrigerate immediately.
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
66% Caribe Chocolateoz6122448
Note: Use measurement of grams or each on eggs – not both.
Weight of Separated eggsgYolks : 43.5 Whites: 90Yolks : 87 Whites:180Yolk:174 White:360Yolk : 348 White : 720
Heavy Creamcups0.5124
YieldPastry bags1 bag2 bags4 bags8 bags

Olive Oil Semifreddo

Combine water and sugar to make a simple syrup. Cool. (rapidly over ice bath if needed)

Whip cream and reserve in refrigerator.

Mix into eggs and add vanilla bean. Cook over bain marie to 160 degrees.

Chinos or fine sive the egg mixture into container over ice bath. Once cooled, fold with whip cream. Portion into deep six or medium four pans. Cover and place in freezer. Chill at least 4 hours before serving. 

Olive oil semifreddo
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Vanilla beaneach1/21/61/131/26
Olive oilgrams120240480960

Floating Island Pavlova

Crispy meringue, filled with passion fruit curd, garnished with mango compressed in hibiscus lemon syrup, fresh kiwi, and sprinkled with pistachio. (gluten-free) (nut allergy: pistachios – can be garnished without)

Meringue Pavlova 

Prep time – 15 minutes Cook time – 1 hour

  • Eggs at room temperature
  • Mise silpats on half sheets
  • Set oven for meringue setting or 200 degrees
  1. Beat eggs until foamy.
  2. Add cream of tartar.
  3. Gradually add two tablespoons of sugar, until soft peaks form.
  4. Gradually beat in the rest of the sugar, continue beating on high speed until very stiff and glossy.
  5. Sift powdered sugar over the meringue and fold in.
  6. Form snowbank shapes on silpats with scoop, press spoon into center to create opening.
  7. Bake on meringue setting 4 hours + 2 hour cooling, or 200 degrees for 2 hours – allow for cooling in the oven.
  8. Box in small lexian 
Meringue Bubbles
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Egg Whitesgrams120240480960
Cream of Tartartea spoon1/4 teaspoon1/2 teaspoon1 teaspoon1 1/2 teaspoon
Superfine Sugargrams115230460920
Powdered Sugargrams115230460920

Passion Fruit Curd

Prep time – five minutes

Cook time – twenty five minutes

  • Over a double boiler
  1. Beat yolks and sugar until well blended. Scrape the sides of the bowl to prevent the sugar cooking the yolks.
  2. Stir in the passion puree and salt.
  3. Cook over medium steam, constantly stirring until the mixture coats the back of a spoon and resembles hollandaise sauce. (Temp of 196) Do not let the curd boil.
  4. Pour into container and cool to room temperature.
  5. Impulsify blend butter in.
  6. Cover and refrigerate.
Passion Fruit Curd
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Egg Yolksgrams74148296592
Passion Fruit Pureeoz51020
Lemon Zestgrams481632

Tres Leche Sauce

Whisk all ingredients and refrigerate.

Tres Leche Soup
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Cream8 oz1248
Sweetened Condensed Milkcan1248
Coconut Milkcan1248

Compressed Mango

  1. Steep hibiscus tea.
  2. Desolve with sugar while hot.
  3. Stir in lemon juice.
  4. Drain mango (*white container pre cut in walk in)
  5. Combine tea syrup and fruit.
  6. Compress and Refrigerate.
Tea Mix for Mango
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Tazo Passion Tea (hibiscus mix)Tea Bags24816
Compressed Mango Soak
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Tea MixCups1/41/212
Fresh Lemon JuiceCups1/2124
Mango CubedCups31.5 qt3qt 6qt

Mise for Line

1 PT of Chop Pistachios (toast five minutes at 350 degrees)

1 QT Dice Kiwi

Cast Iron Brownie

Brownie in cast iron ramekin, brown butter graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, scoop of vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, maraschino cherry.

-Glossy brownie -Fluff -Graham 

Glossy Fudge Brownie

  • Make brown butter ahead or find premade in walk-in.
  • Collect and oil all cast irons.
  1. Melt chocolate over bain marie. Combine with melted brown butter.
  2. In the kitchen aid bowl combine white sugar, brown sugar, salt, eggs, vanilla, and instant espresso. Whip on medium-high speed until thick and fluffy, about eight minutes. 
  3. Reduce to low speed and pour in warm chocolate butter mix.
  4. Once completely incorporated, mix in dry ingredients, and continue until well combined.
  5. Scrap the bowl especially the bottom to insure all chocolate has been incorporated.
  6. Portion 3.5 oz servings into oiled cast irons, bake at 350 until glossy (about 8 minutes).
  7. If making large batch mise into quart containers for easy tempering.
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx3x6x12
Cocoa Powdergrams19458211642328
Brown Sugargrams57170340680
Instant Espressograms24816
*portion size 3.5 oz

Fluff – Italian Meringue

  • Small Pan, Mixer
  1. Combine sugar, corn syrup, and water
  2. Heat to 225 degrees, at this time start whipping the egg whites and cream of tartar. Whip to soft peak.
  3. Keep heating the syrup to 240, slow the mixer and add the syrup, some luff will be lost, keep whipping to fluff. (When the wisk is removed the fluff should form a small curl at the top of the beater when flipped over.)
  4. Add salt and vanilla. (wisk in)
  5. Portion into pastry bags.
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Corn SyrupCups1.53612
Egg Whiteseach9183672
Cream of TartarTeaspoons0.250.512
VanillaTable Spoons24816

Graham Cracker

  • In the kitchen aid w paddle attachment

Whip sugar, butter and vanilla until light and fluffy, add egg combine well.

Slowly add graham flour.

Graham Crumble
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Graham Flourcup24816
Sugar in the rawcup0.250.512
Yield1 QT2 QT4 QT8 QT

St Paul Cheese Cake

No bake cheesecake, featuring local artisanal Fromage blanc soft cheese. Served with vanilla sable crumble and honey roasted strawberry and compressed rhubarb vanilla bean soup.
(gluten-free option : ask for no sable -crumble- garnish)


-Cheese Cake

-Sable (Vanilla Crumble)

-Honey Roasted Strawberries

-Rhubarb Soup

Cheese Cake

  • Temper egg whites on countertop – leave out for an hour
  • Lay out cheesecloth in moulds on perforated pans.
  1. Whip cream to soft peaks, place in container refrigerate.
  2. Make a swiss meringue. -Use the kitchenaid mixer bowl.
    1. Over a double boiler.
    2. Whisks eggs and sugar in kitchenaid mixer bowl
    3. until syrup forms (160 degrees ).
    4. Whisk until soft peaks.
  3. Fold whip cream, swiss meringue, and Fromage blanc together.
  4. Weigh 2 ounces of cheese cake mix in each cheese clothed mold, set upside down on perforated pan over hotel drain pan. Cover all in plastic.
  5. Place all in in walk in for 12 hours.
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
egg whitesEach24816
cream of tartarpinch¼ teaspoon½ teaspoon¾ teaspoon
refined sugarGrams110220440880
Fromage blancGrams25050010002000

Vanilla Crumble (Sable Cookie)

  1. Cream butter and sugar.
  2. Add egg yolks and vanilla.
  3. Add 1 cup of flour mixing well.
  4. Turn out onto plastic wrap, refrigerate for minimum one hour.
  5. Roll between two layers of parchment.
  6. Place on silpat. Freeze 10 minutes
  7. Bake 325 – 15 minutes or cookie biscuit setting.
  8. Dust with sanding sugar.
  • If making a large batch: Mise into 1# thin squares for easy rolling later.
Vanilla Crumble
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Powdered Sugar33867613522704
Egg Yolks76152304608
Yield4.35 lbs8.7 lbs17.4 lbs38.8 lbs

Rhubarb Soup 

  1. In a saucepan combine frozen rhubarb, water and vanilla bean.
  2. Simmer for 10 minutes, chop fresh rhubarb and mise sugar while simmering
  3. Strain water from poached rhubarb.
  4. Combine sugar, poaching liquid, and fresh rhubarb in vac bag, compress.
  5. Strain remaining liquid from rhubarb and store in separate containers. 
    1. Leave small amount of liquid in the rhubarb container
Poached Rhubarb Soup
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Frozen Rhubarb#1.53612
Vanilla BeanEach1248
Fresh Rhubarb#1248
Yield SoupQuart1248
Yield RhubarbQuart1.53612

Honey Roasted Strawberry

*line full sheet trays with silpats

*preheat oven to 444

  1. Slice strawberries and place on slipats
  2. Pour honey on and coat with hands
  3. Roast for 5 minutes
  4. Scrap with bench knife into quart containers
Roasted Strawberry
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Strawberries4 #8 #16 #32 #
Honey1 #2#4#8#
Yield1 PT1 QT1.5 QT3 QT

Grasshopper Icebox Cake

Mint ice cream cake with black chocolate sable (black chocolate is the same as an oreo)

Chocolate sauce, mint sprigs and whip cream.

Mint Semifreddo

  • *Bain Marie
  • Mise sable crumble into ring molds and freeze.
  1. Whip heavy cream, sugar and vanilla to loose peak. Reserve in refrigerator
  2. Bloom Gelatin in ice water, set aside.
  3. Melt white chocolate over bain marie on low heat and set aside.
  4. Over the bain marie whisk yolks, sugar, creme de menthe, and creme de cacao to ribbon (145 degrees). Remove from heat, mix in gelatin and white chocolate well. Pour through fine sieve into container and set over an ice bath. Chill to room temperature.
  5. Fold in yolks to cream, add flavoring and color at this time.
  6. Pour into 3’ ring molds with crumble press bottom.
  7. Freeze.
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
White Chocolateoz1.252.5510
Egg Yolksoz481632
Creme de mentheoz1.1252.254.59
Creme de cacaooz1.1252.254.59
Heavy cream#0.6251.252.55
SugarTable Spoons1.5363/4 cup
Vanilla Extract.5 teaspoon1 teaspoon2 teaspoons4 teaspoons
Mint ExtractTeaspoons0.5136
*3.5 oz portions

Chocolate Sable Dough

*mise flour, cocoa, and salt together.

In the mixer bowl

Cream butter and sugar

Add egg yolks one at a time, add vanilla. Mix until well incorporated.

Slowly add dry until well mixed. 

If Baking: roll on full sheet tray with silpat – freeze 10 minutes, bake cookie biscuit setting 20 minutes.

If batching: portion into 1.5 # slim squares. Wrap twice.

Chocolate Sable DoughSingle Batchx2x4x8
butter (tempered)grams14752950590011800
powdered sugargrams676135227045408
egg yolkseach8163264
vanilla extractgrams204080160
ap flourgrams12802560512010240

Fudge Sauce

Start Bain Marie – Melt chocolate.

Mix all ingredients in separate vessel except chocolate.

Pour melted chocolate into cocoa powder solution, mix well, portion into quart containers.

If mixture separates when chocolate is added, return to bain marie and burmix for 15 seconds.

Chocolate Sauce
Ingredient & QuantitySingle Batchx2x4x8
Corn Syrupg1.753203201280
Cocoa Powderg75150150600
66% Chocolateoz2.254.54.518
72% Chocolateoz0.751.51.56
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